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Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 1: En route

Day 1, 1/11/2013

Greetings from Miami airport. We are on our way to Peru, and this may be the last opportunity I have for a while to update the blog. I hope to update the blog daily - but I have no idea if we'll have access to power or the Internet. Please don't take any lack of updates as an indicator of any kind of problem - we're fine! We just can't get on the grid.  :-)

We all attended to our last minute packing. Several of us started on our once-per-day malaria medications today. Yikes!

We met at the Simon Center at NEC at 1:30PM today. NEC staff member Dan Freese was kind enough to drive us down to Logan airport.

We checked in, checked out bags through to Belize, enjoyed one last Dunky run, and boarded our American Airlines flight at 5:40PM. 3 hours later we landed in Miami.

We had about a 3 hour later, giving plenty of time to get dinner, etc. We board our flight to Lima just before midnight, arriving around 5:30AM. From there, we have about a five hour layover, and then fly to Iquitos.

Perhaps there will be Internet access in Iquitos, so maybe I can update from there if there is anything to report. Once in Iquitos, we'll board a boat and head upriver - marking the true start of our journey into the Amazon!

Thanks for reading, and best wishes,


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